This page is to give a bit of information about me and CST.


Hi! My name is Chika (Yvonne is my middle name). Born in April 2000 and I’m from Lagos, Nigeria.

So basically, I’m this quirky, fun-loving, crazy individual who is so in love with everything fashion and style! Join me on this fascinating journey into my personal fashion and style.

Chika Styled This(CST):

Do you know that feeling when you truly love something(or someone), and when you’re asked to explain why you do, you become speechless? It’s not because you have nothing to say, rather, there’s so much to say but you just don’t know where to start from. That is exactly how I feel about Fashion.

Fashion and style to me is more than just some simple hobby or pass time: it consumes me every day.

So I thought, since I love styling myself so much why not just create my own Fashion and style blog where I can be able to share these styles and outfits with the world?

It’s very easy to find your particular style and then stick to it, but I wanted to try something different: why not dress different types people up and see how they would look in an outfit?

The passion is there, I love writing, put them both together(with consistency and great content) you have an amazing blog, which is what I would like to achieve.