Why a Fashion and Style Blog?

Do you know that feeling when you truly love something(or someone), and when you’re asked to explain why you do, you become speechless? It’s not because you have nothing to say, rather, there’s so much to say but you just don’t know where to start from. That is exactly how I feel about Fashion.

Fashion and style to me is more than just some simple hobby or pass time: it consumes me every day.

You can ask my roommate how long it takes me to pick the right outfit for school. I don’t do this because I have to(or because of my indecisiveness), but it’s like there’s this inner peace in me when I pick out the right outfit that not only looks bomb AF but feels great to be in as well.

So I thought, since I love styling myself so much why not just create my own Fashion and style blog where I can be able to share these styles and outfits with the world? The passion is there, I love writing, put them both together(with consistency and great content) you have an amazing blog, which is what I would like to achieve.

So here I am, 9:02 pm, sitting in my dorm’s study room, -finally- writing this article when I should be studying(I’ll just study later).

So yeah, Hi I’m Chika Yvonne, and welcome to my Fashion and style blog: Chika Styled This(CTS for short), where I basically style outfits, take pictures of those styles, upload them here and talk about why I styled the outfits -believe me, its more exciting than it seems!

I look forward to sharing my styles to you lovely people and hoping to interact with you as well. 


” If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”

Wanda Sykes

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The 2000s glamour of Old Nollywood

“Yes! The 2000s glamor is having

a major moment right now……

One of the biggest influences

of that era on this part of the world

was old Nollywood.”

Bella naija

As fashion enthusiasts and lovers know, fashion styles tend to come back from time to time, showing us that what we might have considered tacky or outdated, would soon become ‘in thing’ in years to come. Just look at what is happening with y2k fashion trends.

For those who may not know, “y2k” stands for “year 2000”. This term is used in fashion in reference to trends and fashion pieces that were considered popular in the early 2000s. If you are old enough to remember, you would know what I’m talking about: the Kitten heals, bright bottoms, colourful sunglasses, baguette bags, baby tees, the list goes on.

Now at days, we see this sense of style resurfacing once more, with several sorts of people expressing their love of the y2k period by incorporating some of its nostalgic pieces, and I’m loving it!!

All this nostalgia with the y2k trends is taking me back to how the Nigerian actors and actresses (especially the actresses) would dress in the Nigerian shows and movies of that time: it’s what we as Nigerians like to call old Nollywood.

Oh yes! From skin-tight mini skirts to halter tops and huge sunglasses, the baddies of Nollywood carried the y2k trend heavily on their shoulders during that era…..and did it well too. It is always fascinating and rather amusing to look back on what some of those actors in the Nollywood movies wore during that time. In 2021, some people that choose to look back at that time would ask, “what are they wearing?” or “that outfit is horrendous. What were they thinking?” In some cases, I agree with the previous statements; there are some outfits I see in the films of old Nollywood that make me laugh out loud in hysteria, questioning the fashion sense of the actors. However, at that time, those sometimes questionable fashion choices were the general trends: the colourful pants, animal print, bold accessories, and so much more. These trends are what gave old Nollywood its staple as the years went on.

As earlier mentioned, we are currently witnessing a resurface of the trends of that old Nollywood era. Just check your favourite social media apps like Tik Tok and Instagram. Some are choosing to emulate the style to the fullest. An example is when a party theme is dedicated to the trend, expecting guests to dress like the actors of the era. Other interested persons find only a few items of that style era worth wearing.

Well, I have been witnessing and enjoying the frenzy around the style of the y2k period. So I decided to style some of my friends like old Nollywood baddies. It was a fun experience: researching outfits of that time and trying to capture the old Nollywood feel through clothing.

Here are the looks:

So that’s it! For now at least.

So what do you think of the outfits?

Are you one of those people that have been incorporating clothing pieces of the y2k era into your wardrobe? Is that an aesthetic you admire? Or is the trend not for you?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

I really enjoy making these sort of posts for you guys. I hope I can make some more of this for you. Also, let me know some other topics you’d like me to cover on the blog.

I think it has even inspired me to throw a party dedicated to the era……maybe later in life, only God knows. It would be exciting.

Alright, thank you for reading. Later lovelies!! God bless.

Going back to the 50s…but with Ankara

“Dress shabbily and they
remember the dress;
dress impeccably and they
remember the woman.”

– Coco chanel

I am a big fan of early and mid-20th century fashion. It’s one of the reasons why I love this show called the marvellous Mrs Maisel so much: the clothes she wears in the show leave me in amazement. I think that era was a great time for fashion. However, I’m not oblivious to the fact that the period was not the most pleasant for black and African people, which I am. So you will never catch me saying stuff along the lines of “I wish I was born in that time” or “I was born in the wrong generation”.

Still, that won’t stop me from expressing my love for the styles of that time, which is what I seek to do in this article. But, there is a twist.

Instead of just focusing on the simplistic and elegant glamour of that era, I decided to mix in a bit of culture into it: that is, I decided to integrate a few Ankara pieces to showcase that the African woman can still portray excellence in style by making their own.


For this style, we a simple black dress that hugs the model’s body gorgeously. Then we have a classic fascinator that sits perfectly on her head, giving the model this demure but chic appeal. Following this is a pearl Necklace and white gloves that add to the ageless beauty that was the style of that golden era.

Finishing off the look, we have a pair of cute white block heels, and to top it all off I decided to add an Ankara printed shawl. I do love how it ties in with the elegance of the look.

What do you think?


This look is a bit less intense but still jaw-dropping. So we have the scarf, which wraps beautifully around her head, drawing you to her beau visage. The top with its intricate patterns is another Ankara piece, which I made by the way (do you guys like it?).

I love using gloves so I used them again but one of a different colour to make the whole look coherent and cohesive.

However, the red shoes bring that feeling of excitement that differs from the cool blue tones and I’m here for it!!

So what do you guys think about the outfits?

Would you like to incorporate some elements from the golden era into your style, or is it just not for you?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

That’s all from me, hope to talk to you soon. Bye for now my loves and be safe.

Your body is a Masterpiece

“I am beautifully and wonderfully made
by God, the one true Master.

Ergo, I am a Masterpiece.”

Chika Yvonne

You might be thinking, ‘this is different from your other posts’. You’re not wrong; I mostly just style outfits and discuss them. However, I wanted to discuss this topic because………let’s just say growing up was tough the way I was.

I was a chubby child. I was always, told it was a bad thing. Even made fun of for being that way. This then led me to hate my body because I always thought that my body wasn’t amazing because others didn’t think my body was amazing. I was completely wrong. So in my mid-teens, I decided to take exercising seriously and even went on a diet. I did lose weight but my perception of me was still negative. This was because I would look at other women and want their type of physique, often comparing my body to theirs. Their body types were adored by the public, and so because I didn’t have that body type, I thought I would never be adored. I was wrong yet again.

I have noticed that my problem was, I let other people’s views and thoughts affect how I see and love myself. I let what they said (or didn’t even say) determine if my body was worthy of being called beautiful. I can’t even blame them, I blame myself for hating myself.

I eventually grew out of it because I decided ‘why should I allow what others say about my body to determine if I love it or hate it? Why can’t I just accept that my body is beautiful no matter what anyone thinks?’. I won’t lie and say that it was easy to accept my body as beautiful, but as I’ve grown I’ve embraced who my physique and learned to love myself: taking care of my body, wearing clothes that make me feel amazing and most of all ACTUALLY loving myself because (as cheesy as it sounds) I’m the only me in this whole world. LIMITED EDITION!

But you all get the picture. I know it can be difficult for some to accept their body as gorgeous, but it is. You are. So as I dedicate this blog to several body types in appreciation of their beauty, want you to realise that it isn’t just one body type that is a masterpiece, all are. Appreciate yourself too darling because you are a masterpiece!!

I just want to say thank you to all the girls who allowed me to style and model them. Special thanks to my friend Kim for inspiring this post!

This was so fun. If you guys want to see one dedicated to guys, if I get up to 30 likes for this post, I’ll make a post dedicated to the guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Stay tuned for my next post. Bye for now!!

How to Wear All-Black Better

 “Women think of all colours
except the absence of colour.
I have said that black has it all.
White too. Their beauty is absolute.
It is the perfect harmony.”
– Coco Chanel

So as the observant individual that I am (or at least claim to be), I have noticed that a vast amount of people wear all-black clothing frequently. That’s even what some of these people wear all the time. And even though sticking with just one colour in outfits isn’t my favourite thing in the world, I can understand people’s reason for choosing the all-black aesthetic and as well appreciate it…….but only when done impressively.

This brings me to the reason for this post. A lot of people adore the all-black aesthetic, but sadly a lot of people have managed to make it boring. They are allowing what was once a delightful expression of elegance and minimalism into something so tiresome and dull. I’m not even talking about those outfits people put together just so they can leave the house; I’m talking about those outfits people intentionally plan for events, outings and the likes.

Honestly, I am fed up with it. So in this blog post, I will be explaining three ways on how to make your next all-black ensemble something effortlessly stylish.

1. Use of Accessories

At this point, I’m like an Alarm. ACCESSORISE PEOPLE! You can never go wrong with Accessories, especially when it comes to pulling off an all-black outfit.

They are like the missing pieces that you need to complete the puzzle which— is your outfit.

The one thing I love about Accessories is that they work instantly; just by placing intriguing accessories on your clothes, you can look 10/10, just like that! And it doesn’t require a lot of work.

You do not need to have chunks of jewellery on for your ensemble to be considered sublime. With just a few pieces worn appropriately, that can go a long way.

2. Pop of colour.

The colour haters are going to be disappointed with this one. Look, I love the dark aesthetic, but sometimes bright colours win. I said what I said.
Adding just a touch of colour while wearing all-black clothing will give your outfit that alluring appeal.

For instance, look at the outfit on the model; certainly, there was the option for her to have worn just jumper and the skirt with black shoes. However, take a look at what just a tiny pop of colour did for the whole ensemble.

The pink brings that bit of contrast in comparison to the jumper and the skirt. It’s simple, yet astonishing and I believe that is what most people need to realize when pulling off an all-black look:

it can be effortless, but you still need to add that minute detail for you to style an outfit that you would be proud of.

3. Interesting Black clothing

In making outfits more interesting, nothing is as effective as incorporating clothing choices that make people ogle and go “wow”. These are those clothes you own that are more distinctive than what you would see or wear regularly.

They give your outfit a 180-degree transformation, going from insipid to something people cannot keep their eyes off of.

And the thing is, just like in the first tip, you do not need to wear many of these types of clothing in one outfit. It could just be a jacket like the one the model is wearing, a pair of shoes or any clothing choices that you feel is remarkable enough to make you outshine the rest.

So let’s stop with the over-done, stale all-black outfits that are yawn-worthy and take in some of these tips that can make your next all-black outfits stand out and worthy of remembrance.

So what do you think of the outfits?

How do you think you’d be able to style an outstanding outfit in All-Black? Would you make use of some the tips given in this post or would you rather freestyle it?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

So….Hi again. I don’t know how many times I can apologize. However I will try my best to post as frequently as I can.

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

So till next time. Au revoir mes amis!

Something other than Skinny Jeans.

“Skinny jeans can be so basic, so why stick to that if you’re not basic?”

It doesn’t take one to be perceptive to notice how people overuse skinny jeans. I mean, you have to be oblivious not to notice the repetitive trend. I’m not surprised, as most find it comfortable and easy-to-wear, because it can be worn almost everywhere and be paired with almost any piece of clothing. However, that should not be the only thing that you wear in every occasion.

There are several other options one can consider instead of skinny jeans, that can take your look from bland to grand. In this post, I’ll be showing you how much your entire outfit can change once you substitute skinny jeans for something more distinctive.

The First look

For this look, I switched the skinny jeans for some plaid trousers. In this picture of me in a t-shirt and skinny jeans, The look appears to be so typical which is what makes it boring. I’m fed up with seeing this as a common trend. Like “oh yeah, I just put on a t-shirt and jeans, you can really see my effort, I’m such a fashionista” (Please note my sarcasm).

There’s nothing from this attire that stands out or makes me say “Wow”, and you guys know I’m all for outfits the make me wowed.

That’s why I traded the common denim bottoms for something more lively while still remaining comfortable. With the plaid trousers, it makes the attire a bit more exciting and original. Even though I am going for a casual look, that doesn’t mean I can’t look urbane.

I seem to appear more lustrous in this look than I did in the skinny jeans; going from dull to dashing just like that.

The Second look

Next, I swapped the skinny jeans for a pencil skirt. Even though the blouse paired with jeans is manageable, the look appears rather mediocre.

Skinny jeans, has the ability to make your whole outfit look plain, even when you try your best to look presentable, you may end just end looking “just decent enough”

So why settle for that when you can make a few changes and be so much more?

That’s where the pencil skirt comes in. It aids the whole look to stand out the more. The outfit looks more classy and elegant in comparison to the one with skinny jeans.

We were not born to be one with the crowd, we were born to stand out, and how we are dress can make that happen.

The Third look

Finally for this look, I change from a pair of skinny jeans to a pair of straight trousers. With the jeans, it over simplifies the whole look.

The outfit looks laid back, which may be alright if it was for a casual outing. But I was not going for casual, rather the opposite.

However, I got what I wanted with the straight trousers. Now I appear as serious as I wanted all along. The trousers tie the whole look together, allowing me to appear as I feel– like an intelligent, respectable lady who knows what she wants and doesn’t waste time going for it. And I’m loving it.

With this look, once I step into a room, you know I mean business and will not tolerate anything other than that.

All in all, we may each have our reasons why we choose to go back to skinny jeans. I understand that, but I’m just here to let you see that there are more comfortable, stylish and even affordable options out there. Let your outfits not be repetitive by going for the same thing all the time.

Let yourself stand out from the rest, by creating a style for yourself that is both original and exceptional.

So what do you think about today’s looks?

Do you think you can be able to use other bottoms apart from skinny jeans? Or would you rather stick to the skinny jeans because that’s comfortable for you?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

That’s all from me, hope to talk to you soon. Bye for now my loves and be safe.

Still Stylish in Quarantine: Post 1

Hello everyone. I’m here again with something new that I’ve never done before. So in my last post, I wrote an announcement that I will be featuring some of you very stylish readers in my very first blog series, “Still Stylish in Quarantine” which is basically an avenue for you the readers to send me pictures of outfits you styled in the current situation with the pandemic and get the chance for your style to be displayed on my blog.

This series is a way to celebrate a year since Chika Styled This blog first started and it will run till the end of June. So if you’re interested in being a part of SSQ, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Style an outfit on yourself or on someone else and take a picture of it (great quality pictures please!).
  2. Send it to my email chikayvonne@outlook.com and make the subject line “Still Stylish In Quarantine.” In the e-mail, with the picture attached to it, include name of the person who styled the outfit, the name of the person who took the picture, the name of the style and your location. Alos, if you’d like, you can send in your social media handles.
  3. I will select the top 3 outfits that are the most stylish for that period (this will be posted bi-weekly) and display them on my blog series.

OK enough of that, let’s get to the submitted looks! This week, I will be showing two lovely looks by some lovely people.

First Look

Styled by: Ope
Model: Ope
Location: Lagos

IG: @ope.yemii
Photographed by: Godfrey

First, I love the grey-on-black combo she has going on. I love the fact that she chose a distinct colour in comparison to the rest of the outfit. Contrast is something that I adore in outfits and that is what this fine young lady is establishing here. This solemn but classy attire sets apart from all generic work looks we see now at days.

She could have decided to give us that “all black work wear ensemble”, but rather she chose to do something slightly other than the norm and I simply applaud that.

Also, this has nothing to do with the outfit but the blue of the door she’s standing behind is honestly exquisite. It just gave this picture the pop of colour we didn’t know we wanted till we got it. Thank you Ope for submitting your outfit, and thank you for your aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Second look

Styled by : Stephanie
Model: Stephanie
Location: Port Harcourt
Photographed by: Chisom Onyemachi

Stephanie’s IG: stephanie_.o
Chisom’s IG: stephanie_.o

I love this look because the Stylist made it her own with the white long sleeve and the purse. Some other people would have just worn the dress alone, but she chose to do things her way and make herself stand out. I love to see it!

The white shirt just brings some sort of innocent, serene feel to the whole attire while still exuding confidence and class.

The bag that she added to this look just sealed the deal for me! It’s almost as if that one accessory is what turned her from looking like a cute school girl to looking like style diva who knows she looks good and doesn’t need you to tell her.

 It looks like someone has been reading my blog post because I did a whole post dedicated to how accessories can change how your clothes look on you.

Thank you Stephanie for sending me your outfit, I truly appreciate it.

So that was the first post. This was so fun! This is basically me hyping my readers and I love it.

You guys can share your own opinions on their outfits in the comment section. I would love to see your own views as well. Remember, if you are interested, its not to late. Your look can be displayed as well, just follow the instructions above.

This pandemic has truly been one of the hardest times to go through. I pray you guys are doing well and I pray God will see us through this. Amen

Alright so see you in the next one. God bless.

How to Wear Two Different Prints together

“Take risks! I’m
embracing bold
– Hannah Simone

Often times, people run away from incorporating prints to their outfits, choosing to take the road commonly followed and keep their outfits plain and simple. Other times when they do wear print, it’s kept to a minimum, so that they do not end appearing deplorable. You would hardly find people who use different prints & patterns together in an outfit simply because they don’t know how and they rather do something that they know how to do, even if it is generic.

Nevertheless, today I am going to be showing you some simple steps on how to pair two (nevermore than two) different prints and make the outfit work.

We will be looking at how to make prints work with:
1. The same colour of prints
2. Different coloured prints.

1. Prints of the same Colours.

If there is one thing I love to talk about when styling outfits, it’s balance. Whether dealing colours or textured, balance is something to always be considered, even with print. This so you don’t have too much or too little of a certain element in your attires.

When you want to pair to prints together, do not go for too much of a type of print – if one of your clothing items has a tiny and multitudinous print, then choose another item with a bold print.

For instance, in this photo you can see how I styled these two black and white printed clothing. The print at the top is more dispersed while at the bottom there is a more repeated print.

These two prints compliment each other. They both bring their certain aspects to the outfit – the stripes give of facile, calm feel while the printed skirt appears exaggerated and lively.

These aspects from the blouse and the skirt come together, creating balance and leave you looking exquisite.

2. Prints of different colours

Now when it comes to pairing prints of different colours, it is best to pair the busy print with a black & white print.

As mentioned above, it is always best to achieve balance when pairing two different patterns, and that is exactly what the black and white print would achieve when paired with a coloured print.

In the picture, the outfit the model has on shows how this is done.

It aids in calming down the busyness of the coloured print, allowing the model to appear chic and sophisticated.

Pairing two busy coloured prints would lose the balance in an outfit, making it appear exorbitant and tasteless.

All in all, this post is not to bash all those who choose to take the easy route of lacking print in their outfits, because there are some outstanding print-less wears that leave me in awe.

But this is to inform people that you don’t have to be afraid of mixing prints up once in a while.

With these tips, you can combine two different prints in other ways – between clothes & accessories, shoes, and so on. Even men can use these tips and try out prints for themselves, don’t leave it to the women to try something new! Prints are a fun way to let your creativity soar when styling an outfit.

So what do you think of the Outfits?

Are you going to take the road less traveled and try to pair separate prints together, or would you rather keep prints in your looks to a minimum?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

Wait before you go, I have an announcement!

First I just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me in starting up and running this blog through its first year. And to the readers, old and new, thank you and God bless you all.

So in celebration of Chika Styled this being a year old, I want to give you the readers a chance to be a model and have your very own styled outfit posted on my blog in my new blog series: Still Stylish In Quarantine!!! Let me explain…

So the corona virus is ravaging the world and people are forced to stay at home to reduce the spreading. However, that doesn’t mean you have to look bad for the whole quarantine. In this blog series, it will feature some of the best outfits styled by you guys and will be featured on my blog. If you are interested here’s how you can submit your styles:

  1. Style an outfit on yourself or on someone else and take a picture of it (great quality pictures please!).
  2. Send it to my email chikayvonne@outlook.com and make the subject line “Still Stylish In Quarantine.” In the e-mail, with the picture attached to it, include name of the person who styled the outfit, the name of the person who took the picture, the name of the style and your location.
  3. I will select the top 3 outfits that are the most stylish for that period (this will be posted bi-weekly) and display them on my blog series.

Picture for the first round are to be sent from today till the 26th of May. The next round will begin right after the top 3 have been posted.

See this as a way to ease the tension of the lockdown. Have some fun by expressing your most creative and stylish self through your clothes. Remember, this is a Fashion blog so I will only be choosing the most fashion-forward styles to post.

I would love to see each of your seperate and unique ways of styling.

If you have any more questions, just comment down below.

Alright, so till next time lovelies! Can’t wait to see your pictures.

In the Christmas Spirit.

“City sidewalks
Busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air
There’s a feeling
Of Christmas…”
– Silver Bells

In December, there is that one feeling of expectancy of one of the best holidays there is – Christmas. Christmas is a season of gladness, bringing a sense of joy and peace to all those who appreciate and celebrate it. One feels so happy during this time of year that one may even choose to incorporate the season’s colours into their everyday life: decorations, gifts and even their cars.

However, in today’s post, I am choosing to put forth my festive side by making use of the Christmas colours – Green, Red, White & Gold – in clothes.

In all honesty, this colour combination is not the easiest to pull off when creating an outfit. The thought alone of red and green would make some persons feel disgusted and confused.

Nonetheless, that is what made me try it out in the first place, showing that there is beauty even in the oddest of situations, or in this case, colour combos.

Contrast also come into play when making use of the festive colours in your attire. The balance of the shirt and skirt are well balanced with the model’s skin tone, allowing her to exude elegance. One can also choose to make use of darker shades of Red and green, to refrain from appearing unappealing by looking like a hot mess.

All in all, T’is the season to be jolly and you can start by integrating the colours of the season in your next outfit. It does not have to be all the colours in one outfit, but try to throw in a few Reds and Greens here and there in celebration of Christmas.

So what do you think about the outfit?

Do you believe you can be in the Christmas spirit by using some of the its colours, or do you think that is unnecessary?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

Also, you guys can connect with me via social media. Just click any of the social media icon links above or below the page and it will take you directly to my page.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! God Bless.

For more fashion goodness, be sure to read these articles:

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When Rain Falls, Be Vibrant

“Try to be a rainbow
in someone’s cloud.”
-Maya Angelou

Most people when they see rain, it brings them feelings of dread and disgust, focusing on only the negatives the situation brings. This also makes these individuals feel slightly nonchalant when it comes to picking an outfit for that rainy day: going for whatever seems comfortable, even if they end up appearing lazy and unpleasant.

However, in today’s post, I am opposing this way of thinking and following another option – a more vibrant one that is!
For this look, I made sure to put forth the model’s bubbly side by incorporating some bright items, such as the bright orange trousers, with the red purse and matching shoes.

This choice of attire brings a certain dynamism, which opposes the dull environment that appears prior, during or even after the rain falls. Adding these colourful pieces allow you to truly stand out like you were always born to.

You could even end up being a satisfying sight for sore eyes that are fed up with how monotonous their day seems to be.

Nevertheless, even though one wishes to be bright and playful in their choice of clothing during a rainy day, it does not allow the person to come out looking like a hot mess. Balance is key in instances dealing with bright colours. For example, the black blouse used in this outfit calms down the liveliness the wild colours from the clothing pieces bring.

All in all, even when raindrops begin to fall, do not let that get you down, especially when it comes to setting out an ensemble for the day.

See that day like any other that God has blessed you with and rock that day like I know you can. Make those drab days fun with some vibrant colours.

So what do you think of the Outfit?

When it’s a rainy day, do you think you can add some vibrant colours, or do you think that is too much?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

Also, you guys can connect with me via social media. Just click any of the social media icon links above or below the page and it will take you directly to my page.

Well that’s it for now guys. Thank you for all your support so far. God bless. Later loves.

How to make Basic Outfits Stylish, with Accessories

“Cute accessories always help bring out your outfit and pull it all together. “

Sometimes, wanting to be stylish can be expensive. I was literally gawking at Cardi B as she was killing it at Paris Fashion week. Admiring all her amazing and wild outfits and wanting to be just as fashionable. But sadly I am not able to afford even quarter of the clothes and outfits she displays all over Instagram for obvious reasons.

However, does that mean I should make do with looking scrappy and unflattering due to how much I have in my bank account? Of course not, and I am not going to start now!

Instead I make do with what I have, and in today’s post, I’ll be showing you ways that you can make some of your favorite plain outfits into a truly stunning attire, by simply accessorizing.

In jeans and a t-shirt:

Majorly, T-shirt and a pair of jeans is the go-to outfit: it’s simple, comfortable but not lazy, and it can be used for almost all situations; school, going out with friends, parties, even to stay in your own home. However, because how comfortable it is, people often take advantage of that and end up appearing bland – even when they don’t want to.

Look at this model for instance; I mean yes she does seem adorable in the basic Tee and jeans, but she appears too casual.

This looks like something one could stay at home in (that is if you are one those super humans who have the capability to be comfortable in skinny jeans), but to actually go out in this basic attire just makes you come off across as lazy and unconcerned of your appearance.

Be that as it may, I combined the outfit with some basic accessories to turn the model form looking sluggish to a woman of simple style.

Making use of some sunglasses, a hand bag and basic jewelry changes the appearance of the look by a complete 180⁰. The model appears chic and stylish because of the contrast these items bring to the clothes she wears.

With the nonchalant feel of the t-shirt and jeans mixed with the swank the accessories bring, the model gives off the feel of effortless style, putting forth the fact, even though I mean to look casual, I can be voguish as well.

Keeping it Formal:

Some people believe that due to how strenuous their work life may be, they simply can’t find the time to put together something fashionable for their work place, and other seem not to care at all about looking stylish, declaring that it’s about getting the work done and not about looks. Well, I have never agreed and disagreed to something as much as I do about these points of view.

Indeed, our work lives can be tedious in one way or the other, but that does not mean one should appear drab at work because of that.

In this picture, the model does appear work-ready, but her outfit gives off the feel of incompleteness – like something is missing from the whole ensemble.

However, in this picture I tried to fill that deficient feel with use of a mini purse and some jewelry. Since I wanted to keep the look corporate, I did not use so much, just so we can still have that formality from this ensemble.

With the help of these accessories, it tones down the serious nature of the outfit just a little bit, so that the model can be able to put forth a friendly and happy vibe, even though she is at the work place.

The very famous Black Dress:

I believe that every girl has that one black dress that she adores and simply looks awesome in, and I completely recommend getting one if you don’t because you’ll never regret it..

Still, sometimes girls just think that black dress and some cute shoes are the only items they need to have a killer outfit, I’m sad to say that is not true – and believe me I learned that the hard way!

To illustrate, in this picture, the model does look cute, but that’s just where it stops.

The black dress does bring out all her features but because of how plain this attire is, she doesn’t put forth the amount of sassy to be able to rock this outfit.

Rather she just looks like she grabbed the first thing in her closet in hopes that she appears “good enough” to get through the day.

However, by incorporating some of accessories to this outfit, she goes from simple cute girl to boss lady.

The accessories make the model look more powerful and elegant without her having to try. They allow her to exude confidence, which give her the sense of pride and class that she needed to be able to pull off her favorite black dress.

The handbag especially aids in bringing balance by adding its vibrant colors that contrast with the dress.

One cannot help but gawk and wow at her as she crosses their path because of how she makes such a basic & plain dress look so exquisite.

All in all, what I am basically trying to say is you don’t need to use up all your money just to look fashionable and unique. And just because you’re not as rich as your favorite celebrities, doesn’t mean you should appear bland and unappealing either.

You can make do with what you already have by putting forth your fashionable side, with the help of accessorizing.

I bet that you can even check your closet right now to find some great items that could make your next outfit go from stale to astonishing.

So what do you think of the Outfits?

How do you feel about accessorizing your basic outfits? Which other outfit ideas do you have to incorporate some accessories?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

You guys, I don’t know if you noticed but *drum roll* I finally got my very own DOMAIN NAME!!! From now on my website will be chikastyledthis.com This is so exciting!

I just want to once again thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has supported my blog in one way or the other. Thank you to you all for giving me the chance to share my passion to the world.

Also, I wanted to start something. I want to give you guys the oppurtunity to pick what I am going to write about next. I’m calling it The Outfit Challenge.

Basically what I want from you guys is comment some outfit ideas, that you would like to see me style. It can be as crazy and as wild as you want, and we’ll see together if I am really that good at styling.

So thanks so much for everthing! Until next time. Later loves.

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