The 2000s glamour of Old Nollywood

“Yes! The 2000s glamor is having

a major moment right now……

One of the biggest influences

of that era on this part of the world

was old Nollywood.”

Bella naija

As fashion enthusiasts and lovers know, fashion styles tend to come back from time to time, showing us that what we might have considered tacky or outdated, would soon become ‘in thing’ in years to come. Just look at what is happening with y2k fashion trends.

For those who may not know, “y2k” stands for “year 2000”. This term is used in fashion in reference to trends and fashion pieces that were considered popular in the early 2000s. If you are old enough to remember, you would know what I’m talking about: the Kitten heals, bright bottoms, colourful sunglasses, baguette bags, baby tees, the list goes on.

Now at days, we see this sense of style resurfacing once more, with several sorts of people expressing their love of the y2k period by incorporating some of its nostalgic pieces, and I’m loving it!!

All this nostalgia with the y2k trends is taking me back to how the Nigerian actors and actresses (especially the actresses) would dress in the Nigerian shows and movies of that time: it’s what we as Nigerians like to call old Nollywood.

Oh yes! From skin-tight mini skirts to halter tops and huge sunglasses, the baddies of Nollywood carried the y2k trend heavily on their shoulders during that era…..and did it well too. It is always fascinating and rather amusing to look back on what some of those actors in the Nollywood movies wore during that time. In 2021, some people that choose to look back at that time would ask, “what are they wearing?” or “that outfit is horrendous. What were they thinking?” In some cases, I agree with the previous statements; there are some outfits I see in the films of old Nollywood that make me laugh out loud in hysteria, questioning the fashion sense of the actors. However, at that time, those sometimes questionable fashion choices were the general trends: the colourful pants, animal print, bold accessories, and so much more. These trends are what gave old Nollywood its staple as the years went on.

As earlier mentioned, we are currently witnessing a resurface of the trends of that old Nollywood era. Just check your favourite social media apps like Tik Tok and Instagram. Some are choosing to emulate the style to the fullest. An example is when a party theme is dedicated to the trend, expecting guests to dress like the actors of the era. Other interested persons find only a few items of that style era worth wearing.

Well, I have been witnessing and enjoying the frenzy around the style of the y2k period. So I decided to style some of my friends like old Nollywood baddies. It was a fun experience: researching outfits of that time and trying to capture the old Nollywood feel through clothing.

Here are the looks:

So that’s it! For now at least.

So what do you think of the outfits?

Are you one of those people that have been incorporating clothing pieces of the y2k era into your wardrobe? Is that an aesthetic you admire? Or is the trend not for you?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

I really enjoy making these sort of posts for you guys. I hope I can make some more of this for you. Also, let me know some other topics you’d like me to cover on the blog.

I think it has even inspired me to throw a party dedicated to the era……maybe later in life, only God knows. It would be exciting.

Alright, thank you for reading. Later lovelies!! God bless.


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