Something other than Skinny Jeans.

“Skinny jeans can be so basic, so why stick to that if you’re not basic?”

It doesn’t take one to be perceptive to notice how people overuse skinny jeans. I mean, you have to be oblivious not to notice the repetitive trend. I’m not surprised, as most find it comfortable and easy-to-wear, because it can be worn almost everywhere and be paired with almost any piece of clothing. However, that should not be the only thing that you wear in every occasion.

There are several other options one can consider instead of skinny jeans, that can take your look from bland to grand. In this post, I’ll be showing you how much your entire outfit can change once you substitute skinny jeans for something more distinctive.

The First look

For this look, I switched the skinny jeans for some plaid trousers. In this picture of me in a t-shirt and skinny jeans, The look appears to be so typical which is what makes it boring. I’m fed up with seeing this as a common trend. Like “oh yeah, I just put on a t-shirt and jeans, you can really see my effort, I’m such a fashionista” (Please note my sarcasm).

There’s nothing from this attire that stands out or makes me say “Wow”, and you guys know I’m all for outfits the make me wowed.

That’s why I traded the common denim bottoms for something more lively while still remaining comfortable. With the plaid trousers, it makes the attire a bit more exciting and original. Even though I am going for a casual look, that doesn’t mean I can’t look urbane.

I seem to appear more lustrous in this look than I did in the skinny jeans; going from dull to dashing just like that.

The Second look

Next, I swapped the skinny jeans for a pencil skirt. Even though the blouse paired with jeans is manageable, the look appears rather mediocre.

Skinny jeans, has the ability to make your whole outfit look plain, even when you try your best to look presentable, you may end just end looking “just decent enough”

So why settle for that when you can make a few changes and be so much more?

That’s where the pencil skirt comes in. It aids the whole look to stand out the more. The outfit looks more classy and elegant in comparison to the one with skinny jeans.

We were not born to be one with the crowd, we were born to stand out, and how we are dress can make that happen.

The Third look

Finally for this look, I change from a pair of skinny jeans to a pair of straight trousers. With the jeans, it over simplifies the whole look.

The outfit looks laid back, which may be alright if it was for a casual outing. But I was not going for casual, rather the opposite.

However, I got what I wanted with the straight trousers. Now I appear as serious as I wanted all along. The trousers tie the whole look together, allowing me to appear as I feel– like an intelligent, respectable lady who knows what she wants and doesn’t waste time going for it. And I’m loving it.

With this look, once I step into a room, you know I mean business and will not tolerate anything other than that.

All in all, we may each have our reasons why we choose to go back to skinny jeans. I understand that, but I’m just here to let you see that there are more comfortable, stylish and even affordable options out there. Let your outfits not be repetitive by going for the same thing all the time.

Let yourself stand out from the rest, by creating a style for yourself that is both original and exceptional.

So what do you think about today’s looks?

Do you think you can be able to use other bottoms apart from skinny jeans? Or would you rather stick to the skinny jeans because that’s comfortable for you?

You guys are free to share your thoughts and more in the comment section below. I would love to see them and get a chance to interact with you, and if you have any question, just let me know.

That’s all from me, hope to talk to you soon. Bye for now my loves and be safe.


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Chika Yvonne

So basically, I'm this quirky, fun-loving, crazy individual who is so in love with everything fashion and style! Join me on this fascinating journey into my personal fashion and style.

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