Still Stylish in Quarantine: Post 1

Hello everyone. I’m here again with something new that I’ve never done before. So in my last post, I wrote an announcement that I will be featuring some of you very stylish readers in my very first blog series, “Still Stylish in Quarantine” which is basically an avenue for you the readers to send me pictures of outfits you styled in the current situation with the pandemic and get the chance for your style to be displayed on my blog.

This series is a way to celebrate a year since Chika Styled This blog first started and it will run till the end of June. So if you’re interested in being a part of SSQ, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Style an outfit on yourself or on someone else and take a picture of it (great quality pictures please!).
  2. Send it to my email and make the subject line “Still Stylish In Quarantine.” In the e-mail, with the picture attached to it, include name of the person who styled the outfit, the name of the person who took the picture, the name of the style and your location. Alos, if you’d like, you can send in your social media handles.
  3. I will select the top 3 outfits that are the most stylish for that period (this will be posted bi-weekly) and display them on my blog series.

OK enough of that, let’s get to the submitted looks! This week, I will be showing two lovely looks by some lovely people.

First Look

Styled by: Ope
Model: Ope
Location: Lagos

IG: @ope.yemii
Photographed by: Godfrey

First, I love the grey-on-black combo she has going on. I love the fact that she chose a distinct colour in comparison to the rest of the outfit. Contrast is something that I adore in outfits and that is what this fine young lady is establishing here. This solemn but classy attire sets apart from all generic work looks we see now at days.

She could have decided to give us that “all black work wear ensemble”, but rather she chose to do something slightly other than the norm and I simply applaud that.

Also, this has nothing to do with the outfit but the blue of the door she’s standing behind is honestly exquisite. It just gave this picture the pop of colour we didn’t know we wanted till we got it. Thank you Ope for submitting your outfit, and thank you for your aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Second look

Styled by : Stephanie
Model: Stephanie
Location: Port Harcourt
Photographed by: Chisom Onyemachi

Stephanie’s IG: stephanie_.o
Chisom’s IG: stephanie_.o

I love this look because the Stylist made it her own with the white long sleeve and the purse. Some other people would have just worn the dress alone, but she chose to do things her way and make herself stand out. I love to see it!

The white shirt just brings some sort of innocent, serene feel to the whole attire while still exuding confidence and class.

The bag that she added to this look just sealed the deal for me! It’s almost as if that one accessory is what turned her from looking like a cute school girl to looking like style diva who knows she looks good and doesn’t need you to tell her.

 It looks like someone has been reading my blog post because I did a whole post dedicated to how accessories can change how your clothes look on you.

Thank you Stephanie for sending me your outfit, I truly appreciate it.

So that was the first post. This was so fun! This is basically me hyping my readers and I love it.

You guys can share your own opinions on their outfits in the comment section. I would love to see your own views as well. Remember, if you are interested, its not to late. Your look can be displayed as well, just follow the instructions above.

This pandemic has truly been one of the hardest times to go through. I pray you guys are doing well and I pray God will see us through this. Amen

Alright so see you in the next one. God bless.


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