When Rain Falls, Be Vibrant

“Try to be a rainbow
in someone’s cloud.”
-Maya Angelou

Most people when they see rain, it brings them feelings of dread and disgust, focusing on only the negatives the situation brings. This also makes these individuals feel slightly nonchalant when it comes to picking an outfit for that rainy day: going for whatever seems comfortable, even if they end up appearing lazy and unpleasant.

However, in today’s post, I am opposing this way of thinking and following another option – a more vibrant one that is!
For this look, I made sure to put forth the model’s bubbly side by incorporating some bright items, such as the bright orange trousers, with the red purse and matching shoes.

This choice of attire brings a certain dynamism, which opposes the dull environment that appears prior, during or even after the rain falls. Adding these colourful pieces allow you to truly stand out like you were always born to.

You could even end up being a satisfying sight for sore eyes that are fed up with how monotonous their day seems to be.

Nevertheless, even though one wishes to be bright and playful in their choice of clothing during a rainy day, it does not allow the person to come out looking like a hot mess. Balance is key in instances dealing with bright colours. For example, the black blouse used in this outfit calms down the liveliness the wild colours from the clothing pieces bring.

All in all, even when raindrops begin to fall, do not let that get you down, especially when it comes to setting out an ensemble for the day.

See that day like any other that God has blessed you with and rock that day like I know you can. Make those drab days fun with some vibrant colours.

So what do you think of the Outfit?

When it’s a rainy day, do you think you can add some vibrant colours, or do you think that is too much?

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Well that’s it for now guys. Thank you for all your support so far. God bless. Later loves.